Tanzania buys Gadget to Monitor Mobile Service Abuse

Image from Kassfm.co.ke

The government of Tanzania has procured a gadget that will control the misuse of mobile phones with plans being in motion to install it after completion of some procedures.

Called Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), the device will be linked to mobile phone companies and will not be used immediately until all companies buy and installed their devices.

“The equipment is highly sophisticated, it can track conversations and switch off a mobile phone without the knowledge of the users,” explained Deputy Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, Mr. January Makamba to the National assembley.

Dialy News Tanzania reports that the Deputy Minister was responding to a supplementary question raised by Igalula legislator (CCM), Mr Athumani Mfutakamba.

“There are various devices which the government could buy andinstall to control misuse of mobile phones. I want to know if there are any plans to procure such devices?” Mfutakamba wanted to know.

According to statistics by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority,Tanzania has experienced exponential growth rate in the provision and usage of ICTs with radios, televisions and mobile phones leading as favoured by consumers.

The country has also recorded more than 13 million SIM cards in use currently. With this growth has also come crime with more than 2000 cellular phones stolen every year.