KPSA unveils e-learning solution for private schools

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Kenya Private School Association (KPSA)in collaboration with Intel Corporation today unveiled an e-learning classroom solution for private schools atSyokimau Blessed School in Machakos County.

This is as a result of working closely with Mitsumi Distribution, Text Book Cente and Virtual Essence Limited, to bring together an end-to-end e-learningsolution that can be replicated with ease in many private schools across the country.

Purpose built education laptops that are rugged and durable enough to withstand rough handling and falls in a school environment. The laptops are dust and liquid spill resistant and come with features and applications to support scientific inquiry not to mention built in digital security, online protection, integrated tools for multimedia viewing and creation and are preloaded with Intel® Education Software.

Also a part of the solution is thr Intel® Education Content Access Point, a low cost, high capacity Wifi Access Point, Internet Router and Server in one box. The Intel® Education Content Access Point is an easy-to-use device that stores, manages, and publishes digital content for schools with low or intermittent connectivity. It is light and portable and provides up to five hours of continuous, reliable use, even if there is an interruption in power.


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Speaking at the launch event, CEO of the Kenya Private School Association (KPSA), Mr. Peter Ndoro said, “A major challenge in the adoption of ICT in schools is how to use it as a tool that complements learning in a classroom. Acquiring laptopsor tablets is one thing butsuccessfully integrating that technology in the learning environment through a holistic approachis a challenge most of our schools are struggling with. To help resolve this,KPSA has brought together strategic partners in the ICT industry led by Intel Corporation to help us develop a model e-learning classroom solution that can serve as a reference for other private schools across the country. As an association he said they are committed to assisting private schools adopt the use of ICT in their teaching and learning process.”

Carolyn Muithya, the Director of Syokimau Blessed School said, “To remain relevant in the 21st century, ICT is the way to go. Syokimau Blessed Assurance Academy has embraced ICT integration in the school curriculum and transformed the education experience for both the learners and teachers. Having had the opportunity to implement the e-classroom solution, we are seeing that our learners are more excited, attentive and more involved in the learning process. The teachers are able to prepare, analyze, collaborate and communicate ideas using the technology.  The school too registers very minimal cases of absentees and increased enthusiasm among both teachers and pupils.”

“ICT is important in preparing a pupil not only for academic excellence but also in fostering innovation, critical thinking, creativity, evaluation and problem solving. Technology can impact us in many ways however what we are doing at Syokimau Blessed Assurance Academy is designed to positively impact our children.” She added