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Here’s What Angani Cloud Is Offering Enterprises In Kenya

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clouds-04Angani has formally launched its cloud services for Kenyan clients with a promise to offer developers and businesses across the country the most affordable cloud service available in the market by eliminating the need for businesses to purchase more infrastructures to back up their large amounts of data.

Introduced in 2013 as a pay-as-you-go cloud based service for the Kenyan market, Angani launched to bring competition to other international players offering the Cloud service as well as the likes of Safaricom Business, and now with a variety of services for businesses across the country, the cloud computing company hopes to transform how Kenyans handle and maneuver their data.

Hosted in two data centres in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, and running on the latest cloud management software, Angani Cloud promises to offer the latest technologies to companies so they can carry out their operation with ease across various platforms.The services that Angani Cloud is offering include a Virtual Office, CCTV Backup and a Media Storage platform.

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The Angani Virtual Office has been designed to help manage all communication needs for employees by combining various products from the company, including a hosted exchange for corporate emails, a domain registration platform, the Angani Vault that is personalized to provide backup for all personal and business data, as well as the Angani PABX – the solution that allows businesses to use any of their devices as their desk phone wherever they are through an app.

Angani has also launched a personalized service for media houses that allows them to store and manage their contents securely and efficiently through the Angani Media Storage and Playout platform. The platform is designed to host documents, video, audio as well as images and once the content is available in the Cloud, the user can even create a TV station or radio station.

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Through Angani, enterprises are presented with an opportunity to lease Cloud storage at a an affordable cost to avoid spending a large amount of their revenues on buying and installing own IT infrastructure whose cost continues to increase as the business grows without increasing the value of the business.

Speaking at the launch, Phares Kariuki, the CEO of Angani said Angani Cloud services comes to offer a solution to the unnecessary spending that companies are tasked with whenever they want to upgrade their backup systems and also provide an easier way for company employees to access data in real time whenever they have an internet on any of their devices wherever they are.

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Enterprises  and institutions choosing to back up their data on Angani Cloud and use the services that the infrastructure is offering, will be required to part with a fee that Angani says is affordable, in order to access the servers, storage and network capacity that is available through a lease to interested clients.

Angani has also partnered with VMware to provide the vCloud Air Network facility across the city that will allow users to use the just launched Angani infrastructure to augment their already existing VMware infrastructure.

The vCloud Air service by VMware is a global network that is present across 100 countries and allows users to extend their workloads whenever they need more resources and now through Angani will provide services through a Kenyan data center to help scale existing VMware services.

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