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Wanguzim Wants to the Facebook of Zimbabwe

WANGU 5You know Facebook and probably have one or two accounts. Yes, it’s everywhere and for everyone but you would’t know who is real and who is not.

In a move to create something where all Zimbabweans can network and get to know and meet the real people online and offline and probably meet them sometime, a team of Zimbabweans have launched Wanguzim, a Facebook for Zimbabwe.

Wanguzim will help you meet and interact with Zimbabweans living in Zimbabwe or people who live in the diaspora but are originally from Zimbabwe. The Facebook and Twitter-like site was launched last year on a pilot basis after its founders came together and invited people to share their experiences on the network.

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A statement issued by Wangu said members to share photos, videos, music and engage one another in discussion forums.

People can chat as well on the site but purely on a Zimbabwean platform.

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It is free to join and you can sign here

“Wangu ensures Zimbabwean brands reach Zimbabwean audiences in a growing social environment. Not only does Wangu target Zimbabweans worldwide, but it also creates custome branded experience for businesses in Zimbabwe aunthentically connecting their brands with their consumers,” said Wangu in a statement.

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“Brand pages and traditional media opportunities are available and allow businesses to have a dynamic and responsive online presence,”said wangu.

The platform also promotes the local music as member can buy or ell local music online

Susan Mwenesi
Susan Mwenesi
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