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Uganda’s Fezah.com Wants to Help You Book Any Musician, Band or DJ for Your Next Big Party

by Sam Wakoba
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fezahUganda’s Fezah app wants to help just anyone to book a musician, band, or DJ for their next event at the click of a button.
The app has a list of musicians, bands, and DJs available for a specific date, price, and genre, and allows users to request to book their favorite artists and have fun of course.

Elijah Kitaka, the ex-Program Manager, Outreach at Google and Fezah’s Co-founder and CTO says life is short and we are are wired to celebrate life’s biggest milestones with great music whether its a birthday, a graduation, a milestone like buying a house, celebrations like getting married, naming your first child, your kid’s birthday and just about everything.

“Whatever you are celebrating, Fezah has got your live music needs covered,” he says.

Kitaka, a Radio Producer and Presenter, teamed up with a friend Ham Namakajjo, a former Google Uganda Country Manager to develop the app which has a list of musicians, bands, or DJs, their performance fees, samples of the musician, band, or DJs repertoire, videos of a past event, audition, or official music video, previous customers and fan reviews and then book and track the status of your booking from the time it is submitted, to when it is accepted, and completed.

The two also aim to empower the artists apart form just giving the gigs. Fezah aims to raise money and through partnerships reduce costs for African musicians, film makers, and fine artists to produce their albums, films, do concerts or tours or do their art collections among others. e.t.c.

For fans, Fezah promises them exclusive rewards from African creatives based on whatever stuff they are working on.

“A talented African should not need to have much money nor should they need to know many influential people before starting to build their career in arts,” they say on their profile. “Everyone should have as good a chance as their talent, vision, and commitment.”This is especially important as most would-be music starts end up hopeless when they realize that talent only cannot put an album to their fans hands but needs mentorship and mony to produce the records and do the videos.
This guys agree.“Financial constraints coupled with influential network constraints are two of the factors suffocating new talent, and slowing down the growth of the creative arts industry in Africa. Leveling the ground will unlock creativity and lower the barrier to entry into creative careers. This can lead to personal and national productivity, creation of more African content, higher participation in the world’s creative industry, and better lives for many talented Africans,” they post.
Fezah is similar to Nigeria’s 9jabookings.com founded by Balogun Danjuma who says that the firm’s major aim is to enable talents and Nigerian celebrities get more performance opportunities at shows and events across Nigeria.By cutting off all the middlemen, 9jabookings aims to help users plan or book the entertainment services of any top band, musician, comedian or celebrity in the countryand is targeting the over 100, 000 Nigerian celebrities in the country and more coming up everyday.


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