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First e-diagnostic and consultation clinics kicked off in Kenya

Leading company for innovative and top-quality high-tech products in healthcare, life science and performance materials, Merck, in partnership with Kenya Ministry of Health, kicked off their first e- diagnostic and consultation clinics at both of Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi and Machacos Hospital as a part of their e-health initiative in Africa.

Merck e-health is a new initiative of Merck’s 5 year Capacity Advancement Program (CAP).

The CAP has been launched by Merck in 2012 to expand healthcare capacity in the areas of research and development, supply-chain integrity and efficiency, pharmacovigilance, medical education, and community awareness in Africa and developing countries.

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Merck e- diagnostic and consultation clinics will allow patients and healthcare providers in remote areas through using the power of IP and video conferencing to interact with Cancer specialists at Kenyatta Hospital, the largest national referral and teaching hospital in Kenya in order to extend the reach of healthcare into remote areas.

During the launch ceremony, Frank Stangenberg- Haverkamp, Chairman of Family Board and Executive Board of E-Merck KG said “Merck e-Health initiative demonstrates our commitment to building healthcare capacity and improving access to innovative and equitable healthcare solutions and disease awareness for patients in rural areas across Kenya.”

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At the launch of the Merck e-health Initiative at Kenyatta National Hospital., Cabinet Secretary of Health, Dr James Macharia, stated “we are happy to partner with Merck to support Kenya national telemedicine program which will enable patient consultations with specialists in referral hospitals to help earlier diagnosis, quicker and better care”.  “Video conferencing technology takes into consideration the reality of Africa in which majority of poor population live in rural set-up with inadequate health facilities and less developed road infrastructure which are barriers to better healthcare specially in Cancer early detection and treatment”  he added

Rasha Kelej, Vice President and Head of Global Business Responsibility and Market Development of Merck’s biopharmaceutical business Merck Serono “Merck e-health initiative will contribute to bringing healthcare to underserved populations, improving the quality and reducing the cost of healthcare delivery; improving the effectiveness of public health programs and research in order to  promote prevention and better managing of non- communicable diseases specially cancer ,diabetes and cardiac diseases”

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“Merck will actively engage in dialogue with Governments and local stakeholders in Africa to inform the expansion of their e-Health initiative to improve access to Cancer healthcare across Africa” she added.

“The next phase will also include upgrading of the telemedicine to facilitate the sub-specialists examine the patient at the county hospital in real time by availing digital patient examination equipment,” said Dr Macharia.

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