Kenya’s BlackPay Launches to Ensure Safety for Online Buyers & Merchants


e-commerceNelson Ameyo, the founder and Managing Director of BlackPay says his company wants to make sure online buyers and sellers remain safe regardless of what payment method they use.

“Our mission is to ensure you are safe when you buy and sell online. We guarantee that you will be able to pay and get paid when you buy or sell on the web,” Ameyo told TechMoran. “That is why we innovate intuitive yet simple tool to help you trade. Our service helps you easily upgrade your business world with tools you already know and trust, like M-PESA.”

Banking on the increasing uptake of the internet in Kenya and e-commerce plus the surging use of mobile money especially M-PESA, Ameyo says he sat down with his team at Arena Systems to help enable business, access convenience and thrive on simplicity.

The firm is also promising to deliver free package/shipment tracking tools and as well power online payments (C2C, B2C, C2B), do revenue collection for small and medium sized businesses, do e-commerce payment integrations, e-Shop design and even e-Commerce Consulting.

Though I haven’t tried the service, this guys say the system works simply.

You have to identify what you want to buy from an online seller who would have a BlackPay account number or create one really quick, then the buyer deposits the cash into their escrow account then BlackPay will notify the seller to ship the item to the buyer and after verification log onto your BlackPay transaction dashboard and authorize payment to the seller.