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Nigeria’s Unveils its Ride Sharing Platform to the Public

by Sam Wakoba
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jekalo-bg-homeYou all know how hard it gets to get around any city, it’s at times even more tough to do so in Lagos as traffic can be frustrating and especially terrible with the recent fuel issues which are making navigating the city even unbearable. wants to help you out. JEKALO, is a new ride sharing online platform where you can share a ride with someone going along the same route as you. Whether you are a ride owner or a passenger, JEKALO is a convenient and affordable way to get home after work, to your next meeting or for afterwork drinks. Presently, the platform is only available to people living in Lagos.

According to the Jekalo team, “If you own a ride, you can earn rewards by offering rides and for the days you do not want to drive, you can always join someone else’s ride. All members on JEKALO are verified and ride offers are screened before being published.”

The firm says its giving the first 30 rides for free to celebrate its launch in Lagos and will offer its users customized rates based on distance covered. Jekalo aims to be cheaper than a taxi and as affordable as a commercial bus but with greater comfort.

Ride owners are also promised points that can be used to redeem cash, fuel vouchers, airtime vouchers, mobile data and more.

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