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Consumers now driving content in Kenya’s Broadcast Industry

With the advent of the digit migration processes in the country that saw its fair share of challenges, it is clear that the broadcasting sector is evolving and among the notable changes is the consumer driving content as opposed to yester years when it was the other way round.

Speaking at the stakeholder consultation forum on broadcasting regulations held today in Nairobi, ICT Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi said that the consumer is taking centre stage in an environment replete with an ever-expanding array of channels, platforms, devices, experiences and choices. This in turn is positioning consumers to dictate the future of television content preparation and delivery.

“It is imperative that we discuss critical issues and concerns that touch on the businesses and the interests of the audiences or consumers of those services. These include exclusive premium content, ‘must carry’ provisions rule for the pay TV operators, intellectual property rights, and self-provisioning licensing, among others.  Let me reiterate here that the overarching principle should be what is in the best interest of the public much as we debate on these issues,” said Matiangi.

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Matiangi also said that it was necessary for stakeholders to ensure that the policy and regulatory frameworks are also up to date.   Broadcasters, too have to keep up with the fast-changing pace of technology and audience behavior in order to stay relevant in the marketplace in the face of these changes.

“As we witness the end of analogue broadcasting era and enter a fully digital broadcasting era, the media and entertainment industry is undergoing a seismic shift.  It shouldn’t be a surprise therefore, that even after the review the regulatory framework in 2010, we are seeking to review broadcasting regulations again.”

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“We still find it necessary to ensure that we stay alive to the changing environment and align ourselves accordingly.  This for the greater part informed the decision to establish a taskforce that would lead the review of the broadcasting regulations,” he added.

Matiangi also said that there was need to maintain the focus to create a pluralistic and diverse broadcasting landscape.

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video-insider-pay-tv-sub-losses-in-2013--amazons-video-gadget--boxfishs-raise“As the industry harnesses the technological developments, I also urge that we critically think on how we can also harness the local talent, creativity and the attendant economic opportunities.  The local broadcasting industry has a lot of potential to be one of the largest contributors to the GDP of this country,” he said.

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