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South Africa’s Upforit.co.za Wants to Help You & Your Friends Get Fit Quickly

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South Africa Upforit, a social wellness, nutrition and exercise community wants to help you and your friends get healthier with your friends.

Co-founded by Gary Willmott and Keith Elli​ott, Upforit draws from both a depth of wellness expertise and digital know­how by the co-founders as  well as a deep understanding of the role of nutrition in wellness. The platform creates health & fitness challenges which are fun, easy to take part in and open to as many people as would like to join via its simple web­interface and social media.

“Upforit is not another weight­loss fad it is a Start­up,” says Willmott. “But is rooted in social psychology and articulated through digital technology”. ​

His co-founder Elli​ott adds, “We’ve seen a very high level of receptivity and traction in the market. The platform provides us with massive scope for product and brand development all aimed at assisting people in their quest to get healthier and fitter.”

Upforit provides motivation, prizes, health tips, product information and expert advice. New challenges are created all the time and members even have the opportunity to suggest challenges.

“Everyone knows that you should eat healthily and exercise regularly, but we all seem to find any excuse not to do it,” the co-founders say. “There is no shortage of help either; from eating plans and fitness routines through to the latest technologically advanced gear and equipment, we have it all at our fingertips. Yet, we don’t seem to achieve those health and fitness goals we set ourselves. ”

The two say that Upforit is not a programme, plan or routine but a platform that ​highlights motivation, challenges and friends as insights to help individuals focus on their health and fitness goals.

“Sustained motivation is most often the Achilles heel of any undertaking. We set off with gusto, but somewhere along the way, the motivation fades and we never achieve what we set out to do. Upforit creates a ‘motivation loop’ by leveraging the power of friendship and social media to keep you focused and motivated,” they say.

The platform also creates challenges that pursue health, wellness and fitness objectives that allow users to align and achieve their personal goals and allow users to share them with friends. Upforit is at the moment self­funded.



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