Angani co-founders officially fired | Business Back As Usual


Though hundreds of Angani clients are still offline, the firm has announced it has revived 95% of all their operations following a system outage that occurred on 4th November 2015. TechMoran had some of our data stored with them but our CEO is no longer interested in hosting anything with them even basic emails for our sales team.

CEO Phares Kariuki and CTO Brian Muita were replaced recently by COO Riyaz Bachani who was hired by investors months after the firm had raised some minimal funding.

Now Riyaz Bachani, the new CEO says the firm is working to get all systems back up and he’s proud to say Angani is now at 95% up and will seek to close the remaining 5% within the next couple of days.

Bachani is a Kenyan-born MIT educated IT Professional. He was the founding CTO of Kenya Data Networks (now known as Liquid Telecom) and later CTO for Wananchi Group as they built the Zuku Triple Play Network but people just don’t like him because he didn’t start Angani but caused commotion and the firing of the co-founder CEO and CTO.

Though Angani will find it hard to sign up more customers, the firm says it has rebuilt its cloud platform with a standard back up service integrated into it’s services that is hosted separately from its core network, making it the first Public Cloud Service Operator to offer this in Africa. This marks a milestone in redundancy for Public Cloud Services in Kenya, and Africa in general.

Mr. Bachani further stated that they feel confident about the ability of Angani to continue to deliver world class cloud computing services at an affordable price, reducing the cost of IT infrastructure for Kenyan Businesses.