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DreamAfrica; Creating opportunities for Content Creators, Giving Readers a Sense of Culture

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Dream Africa is a mobile platform and venture that ultimately wants to share multilingual and multicultural stories with the world, and encourage the spirit of traditional story telling. As such this platform attempts to bring together creators of online content, and possible viewers or readers. If you would like to encourage your children of whatever age to engage in more tradition and cultural content, or would simply like a unique and enjoyable experience away from present mainstream entertainment, this would be the mobile application for you. DreamAfrica seeks to be a common entertainment and educational platform in the household and classroom.


It’s probably one of the only interactive mobile platforms that cater for children’s story reading needs by containing the largest ever-growing collection of African, Diaspora and multilingual children’s content. After paying a minimal subscription fee, families throughout the world can have access to culturally relevant and local multicultural stories, books, videos, and music from contemporary African, Diaspora and emerging storytellers, anytime, anywhere.


Exposure to such content ensures that your child can appreciate the local multimedia presence taking place in throughout Africa, which in turn allows them to greater sense of emotional intelligence, knowledge, and empathy as they learn about various cultures. From languages to cultures to STEAM, parents and educators can use DreamAfrica to connect to their children and students at home and in the classroom, developing stronger bonds that make learning through storytelling and play fun, interactive and engaging. They provide for play-based learning and storytelling at home, in school and on the go. With their various packages; DreamAfrica Kids (0-12 years) DreamAfrica Teen (12-18 years) and DreamAfrica Adult (18+ years), there’s something for everyone.


This isn’t just the go to for readers who’d like exposure to a little more tradition, but content creators from independent content creators, children authors, illustrators, animators and film makers globally. One can share their and monetize their storybooks, audiobooks, animations and films through our DreamAfrica marketplace for school, family and travel. The platform support a unique and competitive revenue share program content partners who maintain maximum control of their copyright while monetizing their creative assets digitally either exclusively or not.


If this sparks your interest either as a content creator or consumer of content, you can visit their website here.

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