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How Facebook has made it easy for small businesses to go global

by Eric Vateta
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Facebook has more than 1.6Billion users across the world who can be converted to potential clients and investors. The platform has connected villages and cities with its post sharing capabilities that allows people and companies to sponsor posts. “Facebook is there with mobile-ready business Pages and advertising solutions to help you reach people in every country and on every device. We want businesses to grow, so we’re offering new solutions, global market insights and expert tips to help you expand to places you’ve never dreamed of before.” Facebook writes.

The company updated its ‘Lookalike audiences’ which is a targeting tool that allows businesses to easily reach people in new countries that are similar to their existing customers. Facebook is now capable of connecting Facebook pages automatically with international users, unlike in the past where business pages would have to manually target international users with detailed analytics.

Facebook is also expanding its location-targeting tools with a focus on the international market landscape. “Use Facebook to find your best-value customers automatically across the world, in specific regions or in trade groups through our new targeting options for Mobile App Install, Mobile App Engagement and Website Conversion objectives.” Facebook adds.

Facebook ads

The social media platform is also helping companies create ads and also teaches them about potential global customers.

To make it easier, Facebook has produced a downloadable document called “Cross-Border Business Handbook,” which is available for free for business users. The document includes data on markets including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia, and anecdotal information on how businesses “are successfully using Facebook and Instagram to grow around the world.”

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg wrote,” small businesses power economic growth around the world. On Facebook, more than 1 billion people are connected to a small business in another country. As technology brings the world closer, it can also help businesses grow – so that small businesses can become large, and local businesses can become global.

Today we’re launching new solutions to make it even easier for businesses to reach the people who matter to them. Instead of expanding country-by-country, businesses can use these tools to grow customer-by-customer – whether they’re around the block or across the globe.”



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