Currently live in the UK with plans to open up in the US, Canada and the Continental Europe corridors in the nearest future, PayAngel says it’s a simplified system of sending money home, fast, convenient and safe.

Founded by Jones Amegbor, an African in the Diaspora with a unique understanding of the exact difficulties and hassles faced by fellow “Diasporans” in terms of finding the appropriate solutions for transferring money home, PayAngel aims to allow customers to easily send money to loved ones at very low fees, open bank accounts back home whilst abroad, and pay their bills including school fees in Africa as long as they are online.

“PayAngel completely eliminates the hassle and inconvenience of having to walk to a physical location every time you wish to send money,” the firm says on its website. “You can send money from the comfort of your home, your office, and on the go, anywhere, anytime.”

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According to the firm, PayAngel’s speed of transfer is unmatched as the firm guarantees a 24-hour transfer than the 2-3 days most bank transfers to Africa take. The firm promises that the money can be transferred directly into the beneficiary’s bank account irrespective of the beneficiary’s bank in Africa.The platform also allows mobile money transfers to Africa, promises better exchange rates and a great user experience with NO hidden charges.

PayAngel works simply, a user follows 3 easy steps to register, then initiates the transfer process by entering their beneficiary’s details, indicate the amount to be sent and payout mode to the beneficiary, a user then pays for the transfer and confirms their transaction.  Users can send money to an agent as Cash pick-up, to a Bank Account or to a Mobile Wallet.

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