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Why Most Small Businesses In Kenya Fail

by Sam Wakoba
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It is estimated that one in three new businesses fail in their first year – WOW that is scary statistic.

One of the main reasons why these businesses fail is because they lack an online presence. Unless you don’t care about growing your business, or providing better customer service, then I suppose you don’t need a website. But who falls into that category? And building an effective website is not that expensive, so there’s just no excuse.

A website for a small business is the foundation for ALL of its marketing. But here are the reasons why you as a small business absolutely need a website:

The majority of consumers start their search for a product or service online. Without a website they will never find you. I can assure you nobody is using the Yellow pages.

Customers can get many of their questions answered without calling you. You can have pages with FAQ’s, directions to your location, recommendations, and testimonials. Plus if you have forms on your site customers can just submit their questions which enables you to answer when you have available time.

By the way, your competitors already have a website and you will flat out not be anywhere near as competitive which undoubtedly means that you are a clear disadvantage.

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