wants to be Africa’s largest freelancer marketplace


Set to go live in Nigeria in a few weeks, wants to be Africa’s biggest online outsourcing, crowd sourcing and freelancer marketplace that will allow businesses and independent professionals interview, hire, recruit, connect and work with freelancers online.

Founded by Onyekwere Godwin Augustine and  Victor Umakhihe, the platform aims to be a virtual workspace of equal opportunities regardless of users Sex, Age, Country, Location, Religion, Ethnicity and background; giving everyone the opportunity to make money and achieve their career goals.

”This idea is born out of the need to join African Leaders in combating unemployment and eradicating poverty, by rewarding talented individuals, improving dignity in labor and promoting skill acquisition,” the founders say. ” can help open and link over 20 million people to jobs and could serve as a bridge connecting entrepreneurs with the labour market in Africa online.

The founders say their site will provide employment for millions of talented individuals, teams and groups across Africa to the rest of the world without requesting any school certificate as long as one has a simple skill ad an internet connection. For employers, the site promises a trusted, reliable, and quality outsourcing system where they can get millions of the best talents across Africa conveniently.

” helps employers in all sectors understand that it is more cost effective to have an army of competent freelancers (who only get paid when work is done) in addition to regular staff,” te firm says. ”Efficiency is achieved when ideas are studied, researched, brainstormed, developed and created by a collection of Afrilancing minds.”

The site will allow employers to post projects by location or skill then allow the buyers or freelancers to bid for them as well as showcase their portfolio. The site will allow freelancers such as graphic and web designers, software developers and engineers, application testers, network administrators, copywriters, market researchers, SEO experts, data analysts, social media marketers, translators, customer service agents, moderators, administrative assistants, accountants, lawyers and business consultants among others.