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Are You An Expatriate; InterNations is the App For You

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Going to live abroad because of your occupation? While this at times provide wonderful opportunities to discover new cities and cultures, the lonely expeditions can often leave you craving for companionship, especially when you aren’t residing next to a close relative or friend. This shouldn’t be a problem anymore as InterNations has recently launched a mobile app that is designed to make social connections and meetings easier.

The mobile app pairs expats with other internationals throughout the globe, displaying several events taking place in about 390 cities across the world, sharing personal photos with the online community on the go.

The application allows you to build a personal network of friends, which is crucial, for any human being really. The extended member search allows one to find expatriate friends residing in the same location. Whether you would like to meet fellow nationals or other foreign individuals, is entirely up to you. Maybe you’d prefer someone working in the same industry, or who shares similar interests. Expats can easily communicate which each other using the messaging system provided on the app.

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Philipp von Plato, Founder and Co-CEO of InterNations, “Our more than 2.3 million members send several thousand messages every day…Because communicating is so important to them, we recently decided to provide unlimited messaging services not only to our premium members, but to all InterNations users.”

It’s not just messaging however, the app also provides opportunities for workers to meet, organizing about 4,000 activities and events all over the world every month, such as, sports sessions, book clubs, business networking, etc.

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“Since having moved to Germany without previously knowing anyone here, I spend much of my free time with other InterNations members — expats and local Germans alike. The InterNations app suggests numerous interesting activities taking place in town every day, ranging from an after-work drink to a bike ride or a photography class. Additionally, I regularly attend the InterNations Official Events, at which hundreds of people mingle and dance the night away. Spending time with others who are also new to the country really helped me to get a better understanding of the cultural differences I am facing and to settle in.”, said Indonesian InterNations member Shinta Lucia.

The organized events can be enjoyed by all user expats traveling within the 390 cities, being Sydney, Tokyo, Dubai, or New York to mention a few. Many can use this platform to discover plenty about various nationalities while still appreciating new environments and cultures. InterNations app, is now available for Android and iOS.

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