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MightyTV tinder like app is now available on androids

by Vanessa Waithera
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You can have Netflix, DSTV or any other channel provider but do not have the guide to help you know what to watch. Having many channel options feels great, yet it can be confusing to have a vast range of streaming services.  If you have heard of tinder then you would understand the swapping style of doing things. In tinder, one would have to swipe to declare interest in a person. MightyTV, has the same concept as tinder. It is an app that helps you figure out what to watch next and the best thing it is now available on android. The startup’s target audiences are people who have a stack of movies and TV shows which you swipe through just like tinder. It organizes your watch list in a way that you don’t have to waste time looking for something to watch.

The app before was only for iPhone users but now it has been introduced on androids. The app is said to look familiar to the iPhone app just that the new one now shows users their preferred genres and actors based on their data. The new app is said to be a hybrid since the machine was rebuilt. Based on how many similar things you prefer watching, the app is immediately meant to bring other similar shows that you watch a lot. So far 350 swipes are the average in a week, which eventually narrows users watch list to be more specific.  Users can finally have individual taste based on how someone rates different shows as well and at the same time the mighty app can recommend shows that will be balanced for you and a group of people. This will limit endless conversations on what to watch, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your programs.

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