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Top 3 Data Recovery Software Review 2016


Have you ever thought of ways to recover lost data? The article answers on the best data recovery software you can use to recover any lost data, including your photos.  The most common form of data loss is though deleting accidentally, virus attack leading to corruption of the data and through accidental formatting of the storage media.  The top three data recovery software listed below can recover data from USB devices, SD memory cards and other storage media.

  1. The Stellar Data Recovery Software

The Stellar Data Recovery Software is highly reliable, and it is the best software for recovering photos.  Apart from recovering photos which have been deleted and lost, the software recovers music and video files stored in hard drives which are corrupt or have been formatted, external storage devices and memory cards.

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The software is not only easy to use, but can recover deleted multimedia files in a smart and efficient way, as well as saving them individually using their original file names.  Also, the software has the ability of scanning storage devices with storage capacity of over 2TB.

This software is powerful, and also gives you the option of adding new file headers, in order to increase the recovery scope.  Additionally, the software offers a complete recovery of nearly all file system types in all memory card devices.

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2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The free data recovery software is user-friendly and very powerful in recovering lost data.  The software has the ability of recovering any data lost through various means in all storage devices.  Apart from enabling you to recover in partitions which are hidden, lost, formatted or deleted accidentally, the software restores corrupt, hidden and inaccessible data.  Besides, you can restore data which has been deleted and the recycle bins emptied.

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The software requires no prior experience to install and use. You only need to download the software, scan the files and restore all files you had lost.  Besides, before you scan the files, you can preview the files to ensure you restore only whatever you need.

Unlike other recovery software, the EaseUS data recovery software has a bootable media, which ensures any deleted data with secondary damage is restored safely.  Additionally, it is quick and suitable for recovering all forms of lost data.

3. PhotoRec Data Recovery Software

The data recovery software is a free utility for recovering pictures.  You have the option of using the software in either one of its two versions.  One version of the software uses command prompt to run, while the other can only work in a 64-bit windows.  The data recovery software is signature-based, and has the ability of supporting over 440 file formats.  Some of the files supported include; OpenOffice, MS office and JPG files.

The safe recovery techniques of the free software make it a high preference by many users.   The free data recovery software checks all your partitions completely and in a safe mode, as it searches all files that are missing, without altering all file systems and partitions.

The greatest advantage about the software is that it focuses on file formats as it searches, hence cannot be used to recover only photos.  The software is a powerful tool, which you can use to recover data safely and quickly.

Karani Nyamu
Karani Nyamu
Group CEO Verve, one of the leading Software and Systems integrators in East Africa.

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