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Robots that will make humans less lonely in the near future

by Vanessa Waithera
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Technology has proven to us that life can be much easier than before. As years go by people are more reliant on technology and their devices. But has it reached a point where new technology can make us live like hermits and perhaps less lonely? A new breed of humanity has risen, with people who need more space and do not have the socializing skills there’s a new market for realistic robots that may curb some of our problems. Before robots were made to handle machinery such as cars and heavy things. But there are three particularly new robots that are intriguing to mankind and that is the sex robot, robot nanny as well as the robot baby. Lets take a look at the robots and how they might help.


  1. Sex robots: These robots are artificial human machines that are almost as real as people. As you may have guessed, they are to cater for someone’s needs and perhaps reduce loneliness. It is said that the robots will be exemplary that people will be able to fall in love with these robots. Recently, a futurologist stated that by 2050 sex robots would actually be a norm. Just by the fact that there have been sex devices on the rise means that virtual reality sex isn’t too far off. The fact the sex toy market grows by 6% every year, means that people are constantly looking for a new experience. Although some critics are worried that these robots will threaten real life sex lives the reality is that when these sex robots come there will be a lot of curiosity that will have to be cured.
  2. Robot baby: Toyota recently unveiled a small sized robot baby that can be carried around everywhere. The new baby in town is known as kirobo mini. The kirobo mini has a camera, microphone and Bluetooth that can connect to a smartphone, which would need to be installed with special software. The robot is meant to invoke emotions by wobbling like a small baby and also responds to voice recognition too. This is just another companion robot that will help people with their loneliness.
  3. Robot nanny: Some may think this would be bizarre. A robot like child that would keep your children busy and is mainly for companionship was created. The robot is known as iPal. The robot is a child like sized robot but with adult capabilities. It also has a touch screen on it that children from the age of three can play with. To add on to that the robot can literally interact with the children by answering their questions. This will be useful for parents who perhaps work from home or if their children get home before their parents.

There are many new artificial intelligent robots coming up, but how fast are they going to replace some jobs? And are people lonely enough to buy robots?

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