TedGlobal Fellowship returns to Africa after 10 years



Africa’s room for great economic development has made it a hotbed for foreign investors as well as startups and opportunities. This is perhaps why, after ten years TedGlobal is back in Africa. The last time TedGlobal was in Africa was in 2007 in Arusha just when Africa had experienced great economic, demographic and creative growth. TedGlobal seems to believe in the future of Africa, which is why they will bring an incredible group of speakers who will help African entrepreneurs, technologists, business leaders and creative people form a great union to create something great. People who have a great and unique approach to work could definitely benefit from the TED platform and the support of a dynamic global community of investors.


While TED is back in Africa, they will be looking for new and extraordinary thinkers from around the world to join the fellows program at the upcoming TedGlobal 2017 in Arusha, Tanzania. Just like in any competition a lot of brilliance is expected from a group of smart people but after the rigorous application and selection process, only twenty people will be chosen based on exceptional talent, strength of character and innovative approaches to tackling the world’s toughest problems.


People with all talents are encouraged to participate from any field. This will be the second major TED conference in Africa that will focus on the challenges and opportunities that are in Africa. Once an innovator is selected, he/she will be given the chance to attend the TED conference in Arusha. The selected group will participate in a Fellows only pre-conference designed especially to inspire, empower and support your work. Fellows will also deliver a TED talk at the conference, to be filmed and considered for publication on TED.com.


This will be a great opportunity for the winners as it will boost their careers and will be helped with additional transformational support such as coaching and mentorship as well as advice for their latest projects. The best gift to the contestants will be access to the global network of the other 400 Fellows from 90 countries. This will allow the selected twenty to fully catapult through their careers. The online application includes answers to general questions, short essays and three references. Only those aged 18 and older should apply. If selected, Fellows must reserve August 21 – September 1, 2017 on their calendars for the TEDGlobal 2017 Conference in Arusha, Tanzania.