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Children as young as four can count steps thanks to this new gadget

by Vanessa Waithera
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Parents have been fearful that their children are not active enough due to the new gadgets that most children have nowadays. Trying to keep children active has in fact become a challenge, but this new electronic smartwatch is said to help with that problem. An electronic toy company known as VTech has created a smartwatch for kids that features a pedometer designed to help kids track how much running and walking they are doing. The new device is aimed at children aged four and above and it includes interesting encounters for the children such as the ‘Super Run’ sprinting test and the ‘Funky Jump’ that encourage users to set an amount of time and start jumping as many times as they can.


Although this is an honest attempt to try and get children to be more active, this gadget may actually end up boring children in the long run. If kids do not enjoy running or jumping then this toy would not be suitable for them. It would be better if children get to participate in what they actually enjoy instead of an electronic watch that is meant to keep them busy. But for children who may not enjoy the Super Run or Funky Jump challenge, then there are other enjoyable features too. The KIdizoom Smartwatch can also take photos and videos and shows time. So, if at the very least your children do not want a watch to track their activities, for older kids these additional features may entertaining especially for parents who don’t prefer their kids having no phones. The watch is simply described as “a simple pedometer to count how many steps you make when walking or running”. This new device offended some parents as they thought it would be unfair for kids to be conscious of their physical activity. But all in the entire product is said to be fun and entertaining.

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