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Safetrac Partners with Arvento to offer world class vehicle tracking & fleet management Solutions in Kenya

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Safetrac Limited has partnered with Arvento, one of the world’s largest vehicle tracking and fleet management companies in the world to provide advanced technology to deliver efficient and reliable services to consumers in Kenya.

The transport and logistics sector in Kenya accounts for about 8-9% of GDP and it is likely to remain a major driver of economic growth in the country. To improve this advanced technology and innovation are key to the future of the sector as well as enhance efficiency, profitability and reliability for consumers.

According to Stephen Wambua, Business Development Manager, Safetrac Limited the Industry is currently favored by the use of Technology by Transporters and Logistics Companies. It has also gotten some new entrances which are in it for money minting but not to offer Fleet Management Solutions, thereby exploiting clients purporting to offer solutions but in vain. The solution is to have a regulator, who will come up with policies to regulate all the operators’ prices, product integrity, customer services etc without fear of favour.

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Safetrac utilizes superior European Technology that delivers efficient accurate and robust tracking solutions. It provides fleet operators with visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage and other insights into their mobile workforce, enabling them to reduce their operating costs and increase their revenues. It prides itself as the only company in Kenya doing Private Cargo Tracking (without KRA Interest), a unique solution that monitors Tippers’ Dumper behaviours and a competent marketing team who can analyse and offer solutions profitably.

He further explains that, there are challenges unique to the industry such as pricing and customer support; with some companies offering cheap rates while the quality of the service is wanting. There are also “smart” drivers/fleet operators who are collaborating with quack technicians to interfere with the systems.

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Safetrac has put in place standards in their pricing and service offering guaranteeing customers quality for their spending. The company also offers specialized training to its technicians by flying them to Turkey, this enables them install devices in a professional and standardized manner such that one cannot tamper with it and in the case that it happens, the units sends an alert to the consumer or the client and Safetrac’s control room. The growth of the company is border-less, and is ready to offer solutions in every region in Africa and beyond, it’s currently serving multinationals within the East African Region.

The official launch will be held on 8th November, 2016 – 6.30p.m at the Crater Automobiles Building, Mombasa Road.

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