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EasyBizGrant App to Reduce Unemployment throughout Africa

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Rays and Beams Pavillion Ltd has introduced the EasyBizGrant app which aims to solve most of the challenges young African entrepreneurs face. Released on November 10, 2016, the EasyBizGrant app will solve unemployment issues in Africa which is on the increase, give best business solutions to problems faced in businesses through mentorship, help Africans, webmasters, blog and website owners.

Startups can make money online through our Affiliate program, such as “My Goods, Service and I” as their marketplace where people around the world can easily connect to them. This feature works both online and offline and users can sell and buy unique goods/services and connect with entrepreneurs who want to share ideas, collaborate and are in need.

Using the App, you can apply for the African Entrepreneur Start-up Project (AESP) Financial Grant, make money online through their Affiliate program, tell the world about yourselves and your goods/service via our marketplace.

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Get 35% discount to Learn ICT with NUU Creativity Hub, (Only in Nigeria). Also, meet Angel investors looking for creative and innovative minds, seek, find and link up with selfless innovators/ entrepreneurs for partnership, their expertise, time and free services on their project (in case of low capital). Stay connected with a Business Mentor on the Go 24/7 and meet Africa’s Most Powerful Women and Young CEOs. See the Best Business Ideas in Africa that will make them millionaires and basically contribute to Africa’s Business Community growth.

According to a 2013 survey by the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), most of the capacity building programmes aimed at addressing youth unemployment, have concentrated more on training without any tie-in to the provision of small business grants, which is a critical success factor to the establishment of small businesses.
In addition, they barely take care of the entire training value chain in terms of Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Technical Skills.

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The App also features:

  • Best Business Ideas in Africa for local and foreign investors to know the best business to invest their money into.
  • Most Powerful African Women who are entrepreneurs and how they are building their empires to help inspire and motivate African young girls to believe in themselves and achieve greatness.
  • African Young CEOs. They are youths who have set the pace for other young people who are interested in entrepreneurship, how they are changing the world around them and far beyond.
  • Financial grant that ranges between $300 to $2000 will be given to youths for business start-up.

The new App is very simple, easy to navigate and very easy for anybody to use. It is a to contribution to entrepreneurial development in the African continent and also drive the developments Africa needs to be the market hub of the world.
The peculiarity of Africa Entrepreneur Start-up Project (AESP) is that there is no ultimate winner in any season rather our panellists will go through the proposals and approve hundreds of proposals for financial grant.

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The company’s mission is to add 10,000 entrepreneurs yearly in Africa and also expand 5,000 businesses.


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