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Accouteer; Online Accounting Made for Entrepreneurs

by Shera
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Millions of entrepreneurs work hard day-in day-out to grow their businesses. But many struggle to realize that growth. Often they still operate in the informal economy, meaning they miss out on a lot of business opportunities. They don’t have the right insights to base their management decision upon. And access to growth capital is limited all because of the lack of accurate and trustworthy financial accounts.

This is where Accounteer steps in by providing online accounting made for entrepreneurs. Founded by Merijn Campsteyn, using the platform, business owners can easily manage their administration themselves without being financial experts. Accouteer help businesses professionalize, grow, and automate their administrative processes. Accounteer integrates with other services such as mobile wallets, payment gateways and e-commerce.

Entrepreneurs can create invoices with ease, manage expenses and keep track of the performance of their business. You can follow up on your finances from anywhere in the world and collaborate in real time with co-workers or an accountant. Accounteer is available in 24 African countries including; Benin, Kenya, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, and many more.

With Accounteer you will professionalize your business and lower the cost of administration. Get started today by creating an account. The first month is completely free!


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