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CashMadam; Your Mobile Business Assistant

CashMadam, founded by Mahassin Quadri, is a simple, innovative solution created to help small and growing business owners, who largely remain undeserved in the technology boom, due to computer illiteracy and poverty, solve business challenges that affect revenue and business growth. CashMadam is an app that records relevant business information and converts this information using basic triggers to prompt the user to take the right actions and decisions.

The same can be downloaded and used right away, anywhere at any time. It helps small and growing business owners, use technology to automate their businesses to increase profit and grow. In App features include inventory management, stock alerts, sales/receipts, updates on profit and loss, daily reports, etc.

The app can monitor employee theft, lets you know how much you’ve grown and at what rate, its sorts customer records; by alphabetical order, by number of orders, or total spend, while knowing if your customer spending is rising or falling.

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With Cashmadam, you literally have an assistant to help with the progress of your business in real time inside your pocket. For more click here.

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