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CityCard; Digital Loyalty and Rewards Program for Businesses

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Citycard, founded by Ayo Akinola, is changing the face of loyalty and reward programs in Nigeria. It is the first universal loyalty and rewards program of its kind in Nigeria.

Instead of having lots of loyalty cards in your wallet, the company allows you to enjoy a single loyalty card that works universally.

Merchants register customers by giving them a universal loyalty card, called a Citycard, which places basic customer’s information. Customers are then able to get and build up points based on their frequency of visit to these outlets and can redeem the points in exchange for great benefits in the form of reward or discounts.

For businesses, the benefits are huge. Using the ParolZ Citycard loyalty program is as easy as opening a Facebook page. Businesses get a 30 day free trial and can take advantage of its many benefits, including monitoring points and rewards, tracking how often customers come into the store, and even using the Citycard data to send emails and text messages to their customer base.

There are over 50 businesses currently using the ParolZ Citycard, including popular brands like ShoMya, CookieSkin (LSWC), Pills and Tabs Pharmacy, Vane Nail Bar, The Cobbler, 411Restaurant and Cotton Suites.

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