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Kennel Pride; Everything Dogs

Kennel pride, founded by Enioluwa Odunjo is an online ecosystem where all dog needs can be easily met. It’s a web platform where dog owners can connect to veterinary doctors, trainers, animal care staff and access different services for their dogs. A portal that can be easily accessed anytime both via the web and through the Kennel Pride mobile app.

It can be difficult to sometimes take care of a non-human member of the family. This is why they offer various essentials to make sure your special friend is healthy and happy, these include;

Dog Training: Dogs learn mainly in two ways; by consequence and association. The training classes puts this in perspective in all stages of training, while making sure it’s a fun, engaging and positive experience for your dog. You have a big part to play too, so don’t worry about missing out on all the fun.

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Veterinary Home Service: Their team of veterinary doctors ensures that the consumer’s dog’s health is optimal with visits twice a month. Their doctors do not only do medical checkups, but also care for consumer’s dogs in the case of ill health without additional cost. It’s important to give your dog’s health attention to prevent more costly future problems.

Vacation Pet-Sitting; This ensures that your dogs are properly fed and taken care of either at their home or any of our partner boarding facilities nearest to your home. The Vacation Pet-sitting program comes with two daily meals, and daily supplements with no additional cost incurred.

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Other services include; dog food and accessory sales, dog grooming, pooper-scooper cleaning services, dog walking, kennel construction, and dog stud services. You can also choose to buy a dog.

Once you decide on the service you’d desire for your furry friend, payments are made through the super-fast, efficient and safe Vogue Pay Interswitch platform. For more information click here.

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