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Moto Z Keyboard Mod could be a reality very soon 

by Dennis Mathu
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From the Moto Z unboxing article we just posted the other day, we mentioned Moto Mods, they are unique hardware units that you magnetically attach to your Moto device to add extra functionality. The Moto Mod we tested was the JBL Sound Boost. It left us with a very positive experience due to its easy integration and amazing sound.

Motorola vowed that they will push the technology to developers out there to come up with innovative mods. It seems that their strategy has been working. A company by the name Livermorium has started a campaign at Indiegogo to gather funds to manufacture a Physical Keyboard Mod .

For those not familiar with Indiegogo, it’s a crowd funding website where startups publish their idea and people contribute money to make the idea a reality.

The company requires a total of $100,000 (KES 10,000,000) to actualize the Keyboard Mod. So far, a total of $34,623 has been contributed and there is still a month to go before the campaign is closed. If you fancy such a mod, you should consider chipping in. The retail price of the keyboard is set at 120 once it is produced. However, contributing $60 towards the goal secures you a free black mod once they start shipping. $80 gets you a choice of gold, black or white color mod. $200 gets you a limited edition mod in which ever color you desire, $500 guarantees you a laser engraved edition and lastly $600 will ship you 10 mods for selling.

We hope that this momentum goes on and we see more manufacturers get on board with the mods technology. It is a breakthrough feature that once you start using, you will wish all phones had it as we will illustrate on the Moto Z review we are working on. Remember, one doesn’t have to possess the Moto Z to take advantage of mods; they also work on the cheaper Moto Z play as well as the big battery Moto Z Force edition.

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