, Kenya’s first online store for prescription drugs goes live


Set to launch on 28th March 2017 in Nairobi, MyDawa aims to be the country’s first online store allowing Kenyans to purchase authentic prescription drugs, health and wellness products as well as offer them value for money as it does not charge any service fees, transaction or delivery costs.

Coined from My and Dawa which is Swahili for Medicine to mean My Medicine, MYDawa features a unique track and trace mechanism that consumers can use to verify authenticity of products from source, while offering convenience and privacy to the consumer.

It’s actually not the very first as 88mph-backed tried and failed. We think the biggest problem was regulation as its illegal to sell prescription drugs online in Kenya and we don’t know how MyDawa will pull this off.

According to Neil O’Leary Founder- MyDawa, “I believe in a world where digital technology is an enabler of a better life. Globally, Kenya is seen as a leader in innovation and we aim to harness it in delivering high quality healthcare products, safely, conveniently and affordably. We chose Kenya for this because the environment here is right. Kenyans are not afraid to tackle problems and adopt solutions that fit their needs. Look at the example of the MPesa, a world leading innovation with ever growing relevance 10years after inception.”

MYDAWA aims to bridge the gaps between healthcare providers and patients thus improving quality and cost of care.

As part of its pre-launch activities MYDAWA is carrying out a series of educational workshops with healthcare professionals Doctors, Clinical Officers, Pharmacists, and Pharmaceutical Technologists.