The faster Bluetooth 5 is here; the new Samsung Galaxy S8 already has it.  


Bluetooth is a technology that has been around for quite a long time. It has become a standard to all manner of devices from cheap feature phones to high end smartphones.  After being invented by Ericsson in 1994, it was adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) which is now made up of more tha than 25,000 companies including IBM, Intel and their initial founders, Ericsson. 
This week, Bluetooth SIG released Bluetooth 5, it’s promises to outdo the previous version by quite a mile. 

4 times longer range 

Firstly, Bluetooth 5 will have 4 times the range of what is currently available. In fact, it is indicated that it will be up to 1000ft, that’s over quater a kilometer. Now you can’t leave your phone charging in your room and still stream audio via Bluetooth earphones while watering the flowers outside your house. 

2 times  faster 

Additional, the file transfer will be much faster. The previous version was capped at 1MBps, Bluetooth 5 will hit 2MBps. It might not sound like much, but if you normally use this technology to transfer files, then you will experience a huge speed difference once you upgrade. 

Can stream to two devices at the same time 

Bluetooth 5 now supports more data capacity, up to 800%. This will enable users to stream to two earphones at the same time in case you are trying to let your friend in on your playlist. 

Improved beacon technology 

Beacons technology has also been improved. Beacons are used by shops or stores to advertise to people passing by on offers, coupons and more. The technology can also be used in navigation. Now, Bluetooth devices can communicate with Beacons without needing to pair nor an requiring the user to download added applications. As Bluetooth SIG said “moving away from the app-paired-to-device model to a connectionless IoT where there is less need to download an app or connect the app to a device.” This new version mostly targeted to the IoT (Internet of Things) devices, the added speed, range and data capacity will find revolutionary uses in smart homes appliances and other connected devices. 

To enjoy this new upgrades, you seem need to have a Bluetooth 5 ready device. Currently the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first smartphone in the world to have it . We expect more devices and accessories to have it in the coming months.