Facebook Messenger comes with the brilliant M assistant in the latest update. 


Facebook messenger is one of the few apps in the super elite league that enjoys more then a billion users. Despite this success, this communication app is still continually making its services better with numerous updates. 

The latest update is quite a significant one, it introduces the Facebook M assistant. This assistant is not like what we have in Siri, Google Now or new entrant, Samsung Bixby. Instead, its meant to give users smart suggestions based on what they are messaging, for instance, if your friend is asking about your current whereabouts, the M assistant will bring a suggestion bubble that will offer to send your map location in a single tap. That will save you the trouble of typing and/or sending your location manually. The recipient can then have M assistant book an Uber ride for them to your location automatically, it’s quite intuitive. 

Even further, the assistant can also suggest fun stickers based on your conversion topics. If the group chat gets heated and you need to take a vote, M assistant can create a poll for you and so much more. 

Currently, only our friends at the USA have the update, but Facebook promises that they will roll out the new version to  other countries in a matter of days. So head to the Google PlayStore or the Apple Appstore to check if the update has come your way. Those running Windows Phone OS are not on the update schedule unfortunately, but it’s not surprising seeing that Facebook already pulled the plug on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1.