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Exclusive: Upcoming iPhone 8 looks like the LG G6, we have the leaked schematics.

by Dennis Mathu
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Apple iPhones usually have beautiful designs. Sure, the design is changed once every two years after the S version of every iterations, but in overall, they maintain consistently appealing aesthetics.

Many manufacturers have been accused of copying the iPhone design, in both software and hardware. Samsung got the full wrath after a billion dollar lawsuit that accused it of ‘copying iPhones icons and gestures.’ Seems Apple copies too, meet the iPhone 8, a lovechild between an iPhone 7 and an LG G6.

According to the schematics, the iPhone 8’s front panel looks very similar to that of the G6, small bezels, large flat display, design and positioning of the earpiece, lack of the iconic round iPhone home button and more.

Current iPhone 7 Plus

Meizu Pro 6 antenna lines

Flip to the back and that’s where we can see traces of the previous iPhone 7 . The dual cameras are still present but they have a vertical orientation this time round. Surprisingly, the Fingerprint sensor has now been moved to the rear. The antenna line seem to be going the full outline of the back but in the colored render on the side, it is similar to the ones on the current iPhone 7. The dimensions of the device have been leaked as 149 x 72.5 x 7.1, meaning that it is a bit thinner than the LG G6 but similar to the IPhone 7.
This isn’t the first time Apple has coped other manufacturers. The iPhone 7 rear design was copied from Meizu, a Chinese company that is ironically frequently accused of copying the iPhone. Also, most of the features we are seeing in IOS have been copied from Android and Samsung TouchWiz UI, they include split screen multitasking, widgets, and more. Steve Jobs was once quoted saying that “great artists don’t copy, they steal” that’s food for thought.

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