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PlayStation 4 Slim doubles capacity to 1TB but price remains the same, consoles’ battle gets heated.

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The war for consoles has been going on for decades now. In the last generation, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft outsold the PS3 from Sony. This time round the PlayStation 4 series has been way ahead in sales, its figures are almost double those of the Xbox One. In fact according to a report released in February this year, PS4 has sold over 55 million units, Xbox One stands at 28 million and the Wii U from Nintendo was at 13 million units but their latest console, the Nintendo Switch, has come to its rescue.

Despite the huge lead in sales, Sony is not sitting on its laurels; it has decided get things heated up by doubling the hard disk capacity of the new PlayStation 4 Slim from 500 GB to a whopping 1 TB without increasing the price, it still stands at $299 (KES 29,999). Its direct competitor, the new Xbox One S goes for $350 for the 1TB version. Currently, this change is only in effect at the US, confirmation on expansion to other regions has not been issued yet. Consoles have become more than just gaming devices, people are using them for all sorts of things from watching movies, TV series and music. They have become entertainment hubs that store thousands of media files, that is why the need for more space has grown overtime. We applaud Sony for catering for that need.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has a counter attack planned; it is calling it ‘Project Scorpio’. It will be an Xbox on steroids; its direct rival is the powerful PS4 Pro that was already unveiled by Sony. The Project Scorpio will boost the current 12 GPU cores of the Xbox to a whopping 40 cores. The RAM will be upgraded to 12GB GDDR5 and will have a 1TB storage capacity. This amazing piece of tech will be priced at double what the PS4 Slim goes for, $599 (KES 59,999). Will this be enough to for Xbox sales to catch up with those of the PlayStation? Let’s wait and see.

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