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Leak: the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 benchmark scores beats the new Samsung Galaxy S8 by a landslide

by Dennis Mathu
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The Apple iPhone A series processors have usually been chart toppers year after year. Only the Samsung Exynos series challenges them. However, this year, it seems that even the Samsung’s mightiest and greatest stands no chance at beating the fruit company.

Yes, that’s how long the iPhone 8 display is alleged to be.

According to a leaked screenshot, the upcoming iPhone 8 will rock an Apple A11 chipset that has a clock speed of 2.74GHZ. It will be a quadcore CPU with unknown amount of RAM accompanying it. Apparently, someone got hold of that device and ran it through Geekbench 4.0, a popular benchmark that measures the single core power and the combined multi-core power of a chipset.

Now, as a premise, the iPhones usually lead the pack in single core scores this is because of the way iOS is made, it is designed to make the most of each core, that is why iPhones come with dual-cores and they still perform well. So, the single core performance of the upcoming iPhone 8 is said to be 4537, which is quite an amazing feat. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 scores only 2065. That means that the Apple A11 processor doubles the Galaxy S8 score and then some.

On to multi-core score, this is where android has always beaten Apple, unfortunately, that won’t be the case this year. The Apple A11 hits 8975 points, that is more than 3,000 more than android’s finest, 6440 on the Galaxy S8.

If this leak turns out to be true, the iPhone 8’s processor will be the undisputed winner and by a landslide. It is quite baffling considering that Samsung usually makes those CPU’s for Apple, I guess the magic is in the software they run on.

However, there is a disclaimer, benchmarks scores are easily faked and especially a screenshot. It is not the first time that leaked screenshots of unreleased phones have been photoshopped to exaggerate the benchmark scores. One last weird thing, the resolution of the screenshot was 2800*1242, that has never been witnessed on any Apple products, it leads to an aspect ratio of 2.25:1 which means the phone is narrow by really tall, taller than the new Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. Will the iPhone 8 go for such an unconventional screen? Food for thought.

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