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Rydawi Fish Farms is Increasing Fish Supply in Africa Without Decreasing Natural Resources

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Aquaculture has been one the World’s fastest growing Agri-sectors for the past decade and a half.  Much of this growth has been driven by the need to find alternative fish supplies to rapidly dwindling fish stocks both marine and freshwater, also from increased demand in fish consumption.

Fish Farming and in particular Tilapia farming can and must provide relief to many of these people by the farming of high quality fish protein.  To achieve this, fish farms must be established in both urban and rural areas.

Rydawi Fish Farms has developed a product, Farminabox, which is a complete farming system, ready to add water and Tilapia fish. The systems are easy to install, operate and understand, making it ideal for small scale farmers. The company provides training and mentorship. The farms are modular and scalable to any size.

Without the need for rivers and dams, Farminabox systems enable the farming of more fish in more locations to put more fish on more plates. Water is recycled and very energy efficient. Waste is 100% recoverable.

Over 30 years of practical experience and research led to the formation of Rydawi in 2014.  The development of the FarmInABox Intensive Tilapia Farming System has met the demand and interest of Tilapia farmers in Africa.

Rydawi believes that the small scale farmer is vital to the food security of any economy.  Fish Farming opens up new markets and economies which yield good returns, which in turn can be used to further develop other farming activities and diversification.  Often farmers are at the mercy of external and uncontrollable elements such the economy, markets, diseases, and the financial institutions.  FarmInABox farming can change that!

Rydawi has exported  98 systems to DRC, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Burundi, Nigeria, Angola, and Kenya and we now have over 40 systems in South Africa. This represents a major boost to Tilapia production in Africa. The compact packaging and light weight design and construction of the systems makes for cost effect shipping and logistics.  Once their clients receive their units and stocked them with fingerling their skills are quickly developed. The package size of a complete ready to install system is currently 1200x1000x1000mm and it weighs less than 150Kgs.

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