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TIP: You can now #TakeControl of your data with the help of Safaricom Swift Squad

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Many Safaricom users have been wondering what happens to their data. Most of them do not understand what depletes it so fast while everyone is annoyed when the internet consumes all their airtime after their bundle is depleted. Safaricom has been listening and recently they came up with a solution in form of the Swift Squad and the ‘My Data Manager’.

The Swift Squad has looked into the most used apps and how they can be set to use lesser data. These apps- unsurprisingly- are social networking ones. Today we live in the era of posting high quality pictures and videos that auto play themselves in our social news feed. Swift Squad has tackled each and every one of the most popular social networking apps, they have outlined how to change the settings to consume lesser data. The apps include the data-notorious ones such as Instagram and Snapchat, to the more efficient ones like Facebook and Twitter.

In case your favourite, but data hungry, app does not have any data saving options, you can use the system settings on your phone. In Android OS, under the ‘Network Settings’ , choose ‘Data Usage’. In this section, you can set the data limit for the period of time you want. All you have to do is slide the bars on the graph to choose your preferences.

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Press *544# on your Safaricom line to access the menu

Safaricom has come up with their own solution too, it comes in the form of ‘My Data Manager’. To access it, you go to *544# menu, then select the option under that name. At the time of writing, it was located at position 5. Activating this manager will make sure that your airtime will not be consumed after your data bundle runs out. A notification will be given in advance when you have only 2MB left, then a pop up menu will give you various ways of buying a new bundle.


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