Home Tech General Electric enables machines to talk to us; unleashes Predix OS to help with that.

General Electric enables machines to talk to us; unleashes Predix OS to help with that.

by Dennis Mathu
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General Electric (GE) Kenya today held a discussion on industrial data as they kick started their East Africa Digital Roadshow. The event was attended by key players in Kenya including Safaricom, Microsoft, iHub and Seven Seas.

Industrial data is the information collected from machine sensors as they operate to provide useful insights that can be applied to maximize their performance and efficiency. Normally, machines do not have a way of communicating back to those using them, people only service them routinely or after they become defective. GE has revolutionized the industrial by fitting machines with sensors that collect crucial information, the data is then sent to the cloud for analysis and storage; it can then be used to predict events before they happen such as a pending machine defect.. This technology has been made possible by the internet of things (IoT) which is the new trend in computing. This new age machines will be able to connect to each other, to applications and to platforms. In line with this, GE took the opportunity to discuss about Predix, an Operating System that is targeted to modern industrial businesses.

Predix is a world first, and is keen on digitizing the industrial scene by providing a platform that businesses can run their apps on.  The OS will turn real-time operational data into information that can be acted upon. The objectives include reduction of unplanned downtime, improved asset output, operation efficiency and much more.

In an Interview with the Chief Information Officer at GE, it was confirmed that the sensors in the machines will be activated by choice not by default. Moreover, Predix will be actively updated to secure it from malicious activities now that we are in the wake of . Finally, information that will be collected from the machines will belong to the company that owns the hardware not by GE; same case will apply to the usage of the data.


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