#TakeControl : Make sure you are not billed from your airtime when your safaricom Data runs out by using My Data Manager


Many people have previously been complaining that Safaricom ‘steals’ their airtime when browsing. What they don’t know is that when your data bundle ends, the line uses your airtime to access the Internet. However, Safaricom has heard the cry and they recently unveiled the Swift Squad to give you tips on how to continue browsing, watching HD videos and even staying up to date on social media without running out of data too fast. My Data Manager is the final piece of the puzzle. 
What is My Data Manager? 

This is service that when activated makes sure they you will not be billed from your airtime once your Internet data bundle runs out. To activate it, you just need to go to *544# and look for the name ‘My Data Manager‘ on the menu and select it. 
Some people prefer using their airtime to surf the Internet since the speeds are greater but with the introduction of 4G in Kenya, bundles too are really fast. 

Once you activate My Data Manager, you will get a message immediately your data balance hits 2MB. If you continue browsing after this alert, you will be notified when your bundle is over. A menu will pop the up on the screen to let you purchase another bundle through various ways such as buying with bonga points, okoa bundles among others. 

It is important to note that your Internet will go off at this moment and any remaining airtime you have in your line will not be consumed whatsoever. 

You can choose to buy another bundle with this airtime – it will be displayed to you immediately the data bundle ends – or you can top up to buy a bigger bundle. Whatever you choose you can rest assured that your browsing will not consume your airtime when the bundle runs out. 

Now Kenyans can plan their Internet budget efficiency without the nasty surprises of airtime ‘disappearances’. Go to *544# and activate ‘My Data Manager’.