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LEAK: The upcoming iPhone 8 leaks in images and metallic molds, we have the pictures. 


As is customary of every flagship smartphone release from a major manufacturer, leaks pop up as the launch date nears, today we have a juicy one involving the upcoming iPhone 8 and its two siblings. 

The OLED front display; no fingerprint scanner cut-out

As we had mentioned a while back, the next iPhone release will be the 10th anniversary of the iconic smartphone, Apple is planning to mark the launch with a special iPhone 8 alongside the expected iPhone 7S  and the 7S Plus. 

Glass rear cover hosts the vertical dual camera

The iPhone 8 will have an OLED edge to edge screen akin the  LG G6 as you can see on the image above. Now, according to the leaked metallic molds below, the device size will be in between the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 7S and the 5.5 inches of the 7S Plus. Given that the screen is edge to edge, Apple might be able to fit in a 5.2 inch display in those dimensions, but rumors are ranging from 5 inch to a whopping 5.8 inches like the Samsung Galaxy S8

Also, the molds reveal that the iPhone 8 will have a longer button on the side as confirmed by the previously leaked image, some argue that Apple will fit the fingerprint scanner at that location but that is unlikely. Most rumors claim that the scanner will be under the OLED display but apparently the company is having trouble implementing that;  the next obvious location would be on the rear, perhaps that’s why we have a hole in the back of the leaked molds. However, the picture of the iPhone 8 doesn’t have the scanner cut-out on neither the front nor the rear, strengthening the previous rumor of it being integrated under the display. 

Camera-wise, the iPhone 8 will have a vertical dual camera as opposed to the horizontal setup of the iPhone 7S & 7S Plus. Those two latter phones will retain the same design language of the iPhones we currently have in the market as is the traditional of all ‘S’ iterations. The only difference will be a rear glass cover – instead of the metallic body we have on current iPhones – in order to enable wireless charging. 

For those who are wondering, these metallic molds are made to assist  third party cover and cases manufacturers with the general body dimensions of upcoming phones. Now all we have to do is wait and maybe a live leak of the iPhone 8 will pop up soon and clear all the rumor conflicts.