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PEXBANK is Enabling Nigerians Buy, Sell Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies

In the midst of controversies surrounding the transaction of Bitcoin and other digital curencies in Nigeria, Godwin U. Godswill saw a market, and launched Private Exchange Bank (PEXBANK) to further open an avenue for Nigerians to carry out their transactions.

PEXBANK is an online bank that is making digital currency business transactions possible. The platform integrates a Direct Exchange Management System (DXMS) to organise and manage direct personal exchange, and also private social network to facilitates exchange between private sellers and buyers home and abroad.

Accoring to the founder, “we want to own the space of this original idea where connecting people for exchange anywhere, anytime is a problem solved against trending internet scams especially social media.” In fulfilling the founder’s intention for it to be the powerhouse for all currency exchange needs and growth, PEXBANK goes beyond Bitcoin exchange, and allows for gift cards and other live currencies to be transacted.

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The platform’s uniqueness is pegged on its integrated escrow service, which allows  your money to only be delivered when your satisfaction is confirmed. In the case when you’re not satisfied with a transaction, your money would be duly refunded.

With presence in Nigeria, Ghana, and plans to expand to more countries, PEXBANK’s users can buy and sell at any rate on the website using the PEXme requests, from anywhere and to anyone globally. They are also able to withdraw to local accounts.

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