Ikokuonline.com Launches to be Nigeria’s Biggest eCommerce Platform for Car Parts


As eCommerce keeps growing, it’s now possible to purchase almost anything online. We’ve gone from fashion, to gadgets, food and groceries, now ecommerce for the auto industry is beginning to gain grounds.

Ikokuonline is an ecommerce platform that claims to be an online shop for all ‘your car needs’.

The platform  was launched by Fortune Bekee in March 2017 to provide instant delivery of car parts and car maintenance services to homes and offices.

Ikokuonline is currently providing this service to just Port Harcout residents, with plans to expand to other states. According to the founder, “the auto parts market in Port Harcourt, can boast of at least N25million a day and we want to capture a significant share of that daily revenue while solving a bunch of problems faced by car owners, including the stress of leaving their homes or office to the auto parts market”.

Named after renowned automobile village in Port Harcourt, known as Ikoku, the platform works like every other ecommerce platforms. Members create an account, log in and shop for whatever car parts or services they need. Products on the site range from brake pads to tyres, wheels, car grilles, bumpers and many other accessories.

We thought we had seen it all with the launch of eTyres, but Ikokuonline is bringing the entire auto industy online, and we hope they launch to other states soon enough, as there’s probably an entrepreneur in a corner looking to dominate the market.