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Academix Launches to Provide Africans with an e-Library of Research Materials

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If you’ve ever had to surf the Internet for research materials, you’ll should know how daunting the task can be. One ends up visiting tons of websites just to find the best material.

You can now say goodbye to that stress, as Academix has provides a database of research materials.

Academix is an Africa-focused e-library launched on 1st September, 2015 to meet a growing demand for African focused knowledge.

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With Academix, you no longer have to spend time online browsing multiple websites for research originating from Nigeria.

The platform aggregates and hosts multidisciplinary, Africa focused research. It features journals, research papers, theses, dissertations and reports. The portal currently has over 108,000 locally hosted research materials, provides a gateway to over 20 million well researched items from its international partnerships, and offers subscriptions to individuals and organizations.
According to the founder, “most of Africa’s knowledge resources are inaccessible online. Hence, there is often insufficient knowledge to support product/policy developers as well as investors’ decisions. Academix is bridging this gap by partnering with research institutions to provide online access to a rich collection of high quality knowledge resources”.
Academix also offers distinct benefits to students, researchers, universities, governments and businesses, including instant access to research papers of interest to them, which can be downloaded to PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile devices.
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