Cube Wants to Help Creative Designers and Art Lovers Showcase Their Works


Millions of creative Nigerians have portfolios stashed in a corner of their homes, waiting for an opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

Cube is a platform created specifically for creative designers.

Launched on the 7th of March 2017 by Clinton Nwadiukor, the platform is a hub for designers and art lovers, aimed at helping them increase their chances of getting hired by giving them an opportunity to upload and showcase their works to the world.

Cube welcomes creative designers in design categories such as pencil sketches, cartoons, illustrations, 3D models, architecture, web design, paints, concepts and branding.

Designers simply upload their works, and users can like and comment on them. Both users and designers get notified via email when someone else comments on their thread.

Cube also help to reduce the cost and time taken to hire a designers by giving employers the opportunity to access its database. Employers looking to hire a designer can search by entering a location they want to hire from. They go through designer’s portfolio and contact them on the platform.

There is also a store for comic book artists where they are able to sell their works directly and make some money for themselves.

So much attention have not been given to creative designers when it comes to creating tech solution. But if Cube gets it right, and becomes a go-to place, the creative design industry would in no time witness significant growth.