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KoboRent Lanches to Allow you Find and Sell Properties

by Christie Uzebu
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Knowing that millions of people rent and buy houses on a daily basis, more and more property listing platforms are springing up to make this process easier.

Koborent is one of the many you’ve probably not heard of. The property listing platform says it’s poised to disrupt the real estate scene by providing cost-effective means for end-users to access viable, timely, relevant real estate options for rent, lease or sale.

The platform collects listings from verified agents real time via its SMS enabled channels, bulk email posting and its 30 seconds online entry.

Agents are only allowed to send visuals, address and basic specification of the property available, while personnels from KoboRent, armed with specialized cameras on bikes visit the properties immediately to collect visuals and verify other details firsthand.

On the KoboRent platform, property agents can complete a rental transaction from start to finish via their dashboards, and via SMS, while buyers/renters search, find, and engage the services of the property agent in charge of the property of choice.

According to the founder, “What we have developed is a 360 degree user experience that replicates on a tech platform most of the real time actions that prospective renters, leasers or buyers have to go through to get a property option that meets their desired criteria.”

Although Koborent is providing real solutions for property owners, agents and those looking to buy/rent houses, it has tons of competitors to deal, and we’ll love to see how it intends to give the big players a run for their money.

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