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When it comes to renting properties in Nigeria, the norm is to pay one or two years in advance to house owners before moving in. This exorbitant fee is usually difficult for many to raise, making it more stressful to find accommodation.

With, you can now pay your house rent monthly.

Fibre is changing the norm by working with landlords across Lagos who list their properties on the platform in return for a guaranteed periodic rental income. These listed properties are then made available for tenants to live in and pay monthly.

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According to the team, “no more lump sum of 2-year rent payments. With Fibre, you can pay for your home monthly as you earn. Moving homes should not be a hassle. Fibre members can move between Fibre locations as their housing needs change”.

With its unique feature, which allows users to pay monthly rent fee, Fibre creates a larger pool of suitable tenants for any property, who are then connected to verified house owners.

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By partnering with house owners, Fibre promises to help them market their properties without an agency fee, manage whatever issues that arises with tenants gotten from the Fibre platform, and assures that all tenants go through a thorough verification process including background checks.

Although, is similar to regular property listing platform, it comes with a really interesting twist which is new to the real estate industry, and would help to reduce accommodation problems in Lagos.

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