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by Christie Uzebu
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It’s no longer new that small scale farmers in Nigeria struggle to promote produce, and reach target consumers. But with technology, the stress farmers face in Nigeria is gradually easing out.

Recently, a number startups have sprung up to help farmers reach buyers with ease. is one of the agro-startup you probably haven’t heard of. Ajaoko is an online food and agro marketing platform saves farmers the stress of hunting buyers by linking them up to other agro users, distributors and others who will need their produce.

The platform connects farmers directly with input markets, agro-allied industries, export houses, wholesalers, retailers household consumers, research and academic institutes, and various other forms cosumers.

Launched in September 2016 the founder, Nicholas Alifa has a goal of improving the food and agro distribution channel, building the capacity of small, medium and large scale farmers and food producers and consequently creating more employment opportunities by contributing to making food and agriculture a lucrative business in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Farmers use the platform by simply going online to upload their products on the website. Buyers on their part visit the site to order like they would on a regular ecommerce platform. Categories on the platform range from Fruits & Vegetables to Grains, Lifestocks, Poultry, Tuber & Roots, Spices & Ingredients and a many others.

Although there are currently a few startups offering tech solutions to the agriculture industry, the space is pretty new, and Ajaoko has a potential of ultimately improving the agric industry with its solutions.

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