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This Nigerian Startup Launches to Provide Home and Office Relocation Service

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Every single day, there are people moving, either from one house to another or changing office location. The process is usually really stressful. From getting a truck to convey properties to a new location, to arranging each item rightly. The Relocate team have probably faced this challenge at one point, and have decided to provide a solution.

Relocate claims to be Nigeria’s No.1 Home/Office Movers. They help make it easy for people moving homes & offices in and out of Lagos Metropolis, with an aim of eliminating the stress that comes with relocating.

Relocate offers different packing services to fit all types of moves and budgets, ranging from its ‘packing & unpacking service’, where they pack, transport & unpack things at users’ new place, to its ‘fast-track service’ for those who need to move very quickly, and its ‘V.I.P service’, which is all- inclusive of the above listed services plus installations and uninstallations.

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They also provide boxes and other packing materials free of charge. This service, according to the team, is a point of differentiation that makes them the leader among Lagos moving companies.

Relocate charges a fixed price irrespective of how long the distance you’re moving to may be (within Lagos). They claim to have state-of-the-art trucks that are reliable, and movers/employees who receive top-in-class training on a regular basis.

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Users who want to request moving services simply visit the Relocate website, request a quote and making payment after receipt of the quote.

Although Relocate is not the first startup offering the service, as there’s MoveMe and a few others. The service is however, one that’s not very popular in the Nigerian tech space, and Relocate has a chance to make a name for itself.

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