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DoLessons is Providing Nigerians with Tutoring Services

by Christie Uzebu
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For those looking to sit for exams such as WAEC, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, and other related tests, DoLessons was launched to help you prepare.

The platform is a learning and tutoring marketplace launched in April 2015 by Martins Fidelis, with an aim to bring simplicity to learning and leverage IT tools to sharpen students’ self-study skills.

Through DoLessons, users can search for and book the services of qualified tutors for private in-home tutoring sessions, which according to the DoLesson team, “offers a highly personalized and secure learning environment for today’s stressed and distracted students, who are under increasing pressure to excel in academics and perform well in competitive entrance tests for leading universities and colleges.”

DoLessons also offers users free practice test. The result of this academic evaluation is said to be used to develop a personalized learning plan targeted to strengthen all weak areas that might hinder successful performance.

Through the platform, users can also buy study materials, and also receive individualized lessons that would help them learn at their pace. Individuals who are vast  a particular subject are also free to sign up to begin providing tutoring services.

DoLessons’ is a great one for Nigeria’s education sector, as it’ll help to churn out high performing students.

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