PayDunya Makes Online Payments Easier for Senegalese


PayDunya is an easy-to-use universal multichannel payment gateway. A young Senegalese by the name of Aziz Yerima created the same because he wanted to revolutionize the e-commerce sector in Senegal and Ivory Coast. PayDunya allows African Internet consumers to make payments through mobile money, money transfer and credit cards. It’s API accepts payments anywhere in the world from all African mobile money wallets (80% of people) and credit/debit cards.

Aziz came up with this concept because when it comes to online payment in Africa, there is no way to pay without a credit card. Mobile money however, provides access to financial services for the unbanked population (80%) in Africa. New services and professions that generated this digital revolution are mainly based online. Africa is still a continent where everything remains to be done and the digital market could be the solution to the increased unemployment experienced by the African populations today. Africa has missed the turning point of the industrial revolution, and should not miss the turn of the digital revolution.

Paydunya proposes a solution to the problem of African Internet users to be able to pay on Internet and we hope that Paydunya will encourage the launch of new startups and business opportunities in Africa.

PayDunya acts as an intermediary, a third party who deals with the connection between the e-business or e-business and its customer for the payment of a service or property on the internet.

Through a partnership with mobile money operators (Orange Money), money transfer services (Wari, Joni Joni, etc.) and banks, national and international payments on the internet are easily carried out. For example, you can go to to buy cosmetics or on for your food orders and many others.

If you are a merchant, you can use the PayDunya APIs to charge you directly on your website by your customers. For those who do not have a website or those who want to make sales on social networks, PayDunya offers the Clic and Pay(CnP), which is easy to use to make sales in 1 click and finally if you do services, you can use the Payment Request (DmP) to send an invoice to your customers.

Businesses using this can increase their customer base since they are upto 7,500,000 Internet users. They can also avoid false orders by charging their customers before delivery; avoid problems of insecurity, currencies and counterfeit notes. Enjoy quick cash-flow, automated accounting, and more cash to manage while avoid queues in banks.

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